About the Cactus Killer

20150710_144733 (1)

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This person (this one ^^ right here) does not look very sinister at all. I mean, the nose ring is a bit of a bother, but she doesn’t seem like the homicidal plant killer that her domain name claims her to be.

Well, how’s this for a slice of truth pie? I am the Cactus Killer but, in all seriousness, it was more like plant slaughter than the judge (i.e. my mum) would have you believe.

My name is Bronte and I’ve recently finished my Bachelor of Communication degree at the University of Newcastle. I was a journalism major and I’m expecting/hoping/praying to graduate in March, 2016.

This blog is for all the people out there who find themselves to be dreamy realists, rich paupers, pessimistic optimists, childish adults, and responsible killers of plants that require very little responsibility on your behalf at all.


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