#ThrowbackThursday to the time I begrudgeoningly reported the news

There are a few things in life that I never in my dizziest daydreams thought that I would ever, ever do.

One of those things was going on the Giant Drop at Dreamworld, Queensland, without dying in an unfortunate gravity accident. I’ve always been afraid of those kinds of rides at theme parks but I totally pulled it off when I was nineteen and, surprisingly enough, I didn’t end up getting myself killed (although I did think I was having a stroke for about an hour or so afterwards).

The other thing was getting my septum pierced because I was never into that sort of thing as a kid. Then again, I wasn’t really into much save for the Saddle Club, barbecue flavoured Shapes, and unintentionally cultivating underage drinking in my fellow eight year old friends by holding slumber parties which I cheekily called “the Pub Club”.

The biggest thing I thought I’d never do, though, was reporting the news on live television. Check. It. Out.

Okay, so live television is a bit of an exaggeration. This was all a part of a Television Journalism assessment with the University of Newcastle.

Essentially, we had to sit in front of a green screen and present the news off a teleprompter. The image (and the neat little titles/animations around me) was projected up onto a big screen at the other end of the studio for the rest of the news team to watch me present and it was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. I get nervous enough with general presentations but holy wow, I think I nearly imploded that time.

Afterwards, we edited all of the footage together into that little clip there and overall, I like to think it was a pretty neat experience. It was incredibly disturbing and one hundred percent not what I wanted to do that day but who else can say that they’ve presented the news like that?

…well, professional reporters can but whatever.


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