Happy New Year: 8 Resolutions To Live By

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday season and drank one too many last night to ring in the New Year. Funnily enough, I actually didn’t drink at all last night and had an enormous amount of tea instead but that all ties in to what this whole post is all about.


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Why didn’t I get silly for New Years, you ask? Well, I decided to start my New Year resolutions early. Between my Mum’s family and my Dad’s, I had a huge Christmas this year and naturally that involved a lot of drinking. The amount of times I woke up with a gin hangover throughout the holiday season is astounding (honestly, I’m surprised I’m even alive right now) and eventually I just got sick of drinking so much along with the nasty feeling that lingered on the next day as a result.

So, I kicked off my New Years Eve celebrations with a cup of tea. Okay, I accidentally chugged a little bit of rum and Coke Zero but that was because it was disguised in a McDonald’s cup. Overall, though, I stuck with non-alcoholic drinks to support one of my most important New Year resolutions which just so happens to be laying off the booze. I’m not saying I’m an alcoholic but this holiday season has been a bit of a doozy (you might even say it was… a boozy doozy) and my health feels like it’s declined quite a bit since November; I feel lazy, sluggish, and my body feels like it’s getting a little on the chunk side. I love the feeling of being fit and healthy, so essentially this is my nightmare. It’s time to do something about all this gluttony and overall unhealthiness, so in come my New Year resolutions…

  • Lay off the booze!

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  • Stay vigilant with my health overall

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This one includes a few resolution sub-genres. The first, of course, is getting back to the gym more regularly. I’ve been slacking off in the fitness department because all of my classes have been called off until the third of January but that just feels like an excuse. My second and third sub-genres are related; I need to floss everyday (that crap is my least favourite thing in the world) and get my ass back to the dentist to get a check up. My dental health has always been perfect but I haven’t been since my dad stopped forcing me. My last health related sub-genre is getting some sunshine; my vitamin D record is pretty bad, so I need to get out and about more.

  • Go on more adventures and get inspired

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This ties in with getting some vitamin D. I used to travel and go on solo adventures in the great outdoors all the time but these days, I don’t seem to go anywhere at all. My adventurous days were my most inspired and artistic, so this year I plan to get out and spend some time in the sun.

  • Come up with a mantra of positive affirmations

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The past year hasn’t been good for me in terms of confidence. I’ve been anxious, somewhat self conscious, stressed, and hard on myself in most areas of my life including my skill set. So, this year I’m going to come up with a new set of positive affirmations to repeat to myself whenever I’m feeling down or overall inadequate because nobody deserves to feel that way, not even me. I need to once again become chill.

  • Make more time for friends and family

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It’s weird growing up in a small town and then having everyone spread out across the country/world after high school. Seeing even the best of friends becomes less and less frequent until you’re not seeing each other at all any more, let alone contacting each other daily. The same can be said for family. My friends, family, and I have been slack in getting together for the past few years so I plan on forcing my presence upon people a lot in 2016.

  • Write more

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I’m talking Sticky Trigger Entertainment articles, story writing and creative writing, any professional work I can get, and even this blog. I’m going to keep busy this year when it comes to writing.

  • Read every night, become better read

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I’ve always been taught that reading is fundamental if you want to improve your vocabulary. It’s definitely something to take on board and I’ve always found that it reaps results, so this year I plan on reading every night and polishing off a few books that I’ve been working on for freaking years e.g. the Sherlock Holmes stories, Stephen King’s IT, the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, and A Song of Ice and Fire.

  • Give blood

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…Except the Red Cross, they can make me bleed. This is something that I’ve been meaning to do for years. Giving blood is such a vital part of a functioning society and there’s something so satisfying in knowing that you’re potentially saving the lives of multiple people every time you give blood. My Dad has given blood over 100 times in his lifetime and I plan to reach the same kind of goal one day.


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