Bobs and Lobs Were THE Trend of 2015… but is it Too Late To Try It Out?

If you’re somebody that has a deep love of hair and fashion, you’ve probably got that photo of Lucy Hale pinned to one of your boards on Pintrest. You know, it’s the one where she’s donning a revolutionary, deep parted bob hair style with blonde ombre tips and generally making us want to be her.

Last year, the Pretty Little Liars star had her long locks cut into a short, edgy bob by her stylist, Kristen Ess, that took the fashion world by storm.

It was a drastic change for the star’s recognisable, luscious-haired look and while the style had been done many times before, it seemed to have an influential effect on stylists and clients alike, especially so in LA.

(Image source:

Loads of celebrities including Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, and Rosie Huntington fell in line after Lucy and made the hair transformation, overall strengthening and refreshing their style after years of sporting such long, luscious waves.

Ludicrously long hairstyles have been an influential trend for years and I’ve got to say, I’m kind of glad to see it go.

I, myself, haven’t had a drastic haircut since I was sixteen because of this and every now and then, I get the urge to go all Lucy Hale or Emma Roberts and cut all my hair off into a shoulder length lob/bob like I used to when I was a teen.


(Me, circa 2015, being generally disgruntled about my overly long fringe)

However, with every new year comes a new hair trend that all the stylists are going mad over and that the magazines urge us to try. Now that it’s February of 2016, is it too late for me – nay, all of us?! – to try a bob or lob hairstyle on for size?

Of course not! While bangs, braids, and bohemian lengths are still a popular trend for 2016 according to Harper’s Bazaar, bobs and lobs are still going strong with a lot of celebrities going for the chop even this year.

A really notable and recent example is Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) who got a bob cut in preparation for her Terminator: Genesis premier along with the SAG Award Ceremony.

(Image source:

So, I guess the bob and lob style lives to see another day (or year). Let’s hope the style continues to be popular among those of us who are seeking a big change in our individuality!

If you’re feeling inspired by the style, definitely check out the queen of the short style, Emma Stone. The girl has got some seriously great hair going on and – even better – she’s a red head like me!

(All hail the Queen! Image source:


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