Fashion Forecast: the Autumn 2016 Edition

At the start of a new year, it’s hard to imagine what kind of fashion trends will be consuming our closets in the coming months. Trends change like the seasons and – quite happily – we alter our look via numerous shopping trips to make sure our ‘drobes stay as chic as possible throughout the year.

While it seems like that New Years’ Eve party was just yesterday, we’re speeding towards March and we all know what that means; autumn is coming and bringing with it cold temps, falling leaves, and the occasional misty shower – not the warm kind! The question is, how do we dress for the occasion?

Here are a few fashion forecasts to help you prepare for the upcoming chill!

Go Edwardian

…And I don’t mean of the Cullen variety. Fashion trends from the early nineteen hundreds are making a comeback this year and they create a stylish air of sophistication in any outfit. Long-to-midi length dresses, high necklines, and ribbons are all part of the Edwardian look, so don’t be afraid to rock a roll neck jumper or a bow around your neck this autumn.

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Florals? For autumn? Groundbreaking… no, really!

It’s about time that we recognised that floral prints are a beautifully timeless trend that will never truly die. They’re appropriate all year ’round and can turn otherwise monochrome outfits into eye-catching mixes of colours and prints. Add a splash of spring to your outfit and make sure to couple your flowers with strong boots!

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Take the gym with you wherever you go

To step away from the overtly feminine, layering on the sportswear is totally going to be a thing this autumn and hopefully winter, too. We don’t necessarily have to be sporting sweat pants wherever we go but don’t be so quick to shy away from wearing that loose fitting, parachute material bomber jacket with a pair of distressed jeans. Comfort is key, alongside chic!

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Faux is luxe

Leather pieces can make anybody look like a rock star but the real points count when you wear faux. Not only is it lighter and stretchier than the real thing but you’re also saving somebodies skin when you go faux! Mini-to-midi length pencil skirts and rough biker jackets are definitely going to be a continuing trend this autumn, especially so when worn with heels or distressed jeans.

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