Guess who went the full lob?

About a week or two ago, I posted a story about bob and lob haircuts and how they dominated hair fashion in 2015. They really are the most trendy style on the market at the moment and I guess writing about it (and staring longingly at photos of Lucy Hale and Emma Stone) must have spurred me on somehow because a few days later, I visited my most trusted hairdresser and went the full lob!

I arrived pretty late in the afternoon and considering that my appointment was fifteen minutes before closing, I assumed that my hairdresser, Brooke, thought that I’d just be getting another trim. A part of me thought that, too; I always plant the idea in my mind that I’m going to cut my long hair short months before going to the salon but once I’m actually in the chair and all bibbed up, ready to go, I chicken out and tell Brooke that I just want a trim.

Generally speaking, Brooke usually talks me out of cutting my hair short, anyway. If there’s a bigger fan of my long, strawberry blonde locks than Brooke, I’d be terrified to meet them because they may just scalp me and run off with my ‘do. She’s always been supportive of me growing my hair as long as possible and she takes immense joy in curling my hair for free after every trim. If I even mentioned cutting it all off, she’d get scared and we’d both freak out.

This time, though, was different.

She initially asked me if I just wanted another trim but, like I do at the start of every salon appointment, I told her that I had been thinking about getting a lob cut but was semi-scared to go through with it. At this point, she’d start talking me out of it but instead, she asked me to show her any pictures I’d saved of the style and she was pretty impressed; my endless stream of Instagram screenshots convinced her that we should totally do it this time.

I was shocked and – not going to lie – a little bit alarmed. I hadn’t cut my hair since I was sixteen years old. My heart started pounding and I thought maybe I was going to have a mild panic over the possibility of the hairstyle looking bad on me.

Once Brooke started cutting my hair, I wasn’t worried anymore. In fact, I was excited! It already looked awesome and she’d only just started. I’d been fantasising about blunt bob and lob cuts for ages, so now that the dream was finally coming true, I was chuffed.

Not only that but there was an excellent pro to the haircut that I had totally forgotten about over my many years of long-hairedness (not a word, but whatever): my hair felt amazingly soft and healthy once it was short. Beyond the slightly trendier style, my hair was happy with Brooke and I for getting off all the deadish ends of my hair that were starting to feel a bit like Barbie hair that has seen the bathtub too many times (yes, I used to take my Barbie’s into the bath with me as a kid. Barbies everywhere, all over the house).

Overall, I can’t recommend this hairstyle more if you’re thinking about going the full lob. There are so many pros to getting a lob! For instance, if you’re quite attached to your long strands, a lob cut isn’t too much of a dramatic change. It just makes your hair feel nice and healthy, and your hair will thank you for the refresher cut!

You can also still do nifty hairstyles with a lob like cute little braids and pony tails. The possibilities can still be endless with a lob cut.

Still, if you’re feeling adventurous, go even shorter to a bob! I may go shorter next time just for gigs, but who knows. It’s all good!


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