I May Have Nailed the Warm Winter Weather Dilemma

You heard me, yo…

…Alright, maybe I’m being a little over-confident there, but my Instagram post (pictured above) got over fifty likes the other day which is incredible and all signs point to “wicked outfit” and “amazing location” over “terrible caption” and “generally a popular person”.

You wouldn’t know it but in that photo I was borderline hungover from a very late night of drinking and talking with my friend who just got back from Japan. You can understand now why the photo was taken so far away.

(source: giphy)

Despite the smiley-yet-dead-inside look you’d get if you were standing a little closer, I was feeling pretty good that day in terms of my outfit. I try and nail it every day that I’m not wearing my work uniform and considering that I was working with a travel bag of clothes, I looked, well, not too bad.

It was a warm day with cool air coming off Lake Maquarie on New South Wales’ Central Coast. Those in between temperatures can be a bastard to figure out in the transition from Winter to Spring but I think I’ve found the perfect balance.

The answer to all our problems is the tailored, sleeveless trench coat. Paired with high waisted jeans, tall ankle boots or subtle femme fatale heels, and a sleek (preferably clean, Bronte) long sleeved white tee, the sleeveless coat can be the hero we need.

giphy (1)
(source: giphy)

Cute, casual, and cool in the literal sense. You’re wearing a coat to keep you warm but you’re also… not??!

If you want to add a sleeveless coat to your wardrobe immediately and take your coats from Winter to Spring like I did, check out the pictures and links below. They’ll help you out and you won’t regret it. Honest. Maybe.



c5d31469fbfe99d09b6a47bfdccdd09e(source: pintrest)

(source: pintrest)

(purchase – on sale! – via pretty little thing)

(source: haute off the rack)

(purchase in tons of colours via boohoo)


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