Four eyes to fashion icon. Can glasses be a chic statement?

Hey guys! If you didn’t already know, I recently moved back to the heart land… and by that I mean Newcastle, New South Wales! I’ve been wanting to move back for years and finally the opportunity came along with a job offer from a little optometrist’s office in Edgeworth and the Newcastle CBD called Edgey Specs.

I can’t say I ever thought I’d be working in optical for an extended amount of time, but here I am. It’s been a surprisingly fast paced couple of years in the field for me and I’ve found – to my immense relief – that fashion plays a major part of my work on a daily basis. Without that fabulously well dressed element in my life, my life would be exceedingly dull.

Yay for nice things!

Anyway, considering some random drunk called me out in Sydney for being a “four eyes” (what is this, the god damned nineteen fifties?), I thought I’d explain a thing to my readers about why I’m always going to be a glasses gal, no matter what the apparently 20/20 street drunks have to say.

(Source: giphy)

What I’ve found is that glasses are becoming a major fashion statement for a lot of people and that optical frames are becoming more and more unique; they’re vibrant, geometric, and they’re becoming a bit of a trend for loads of designers like Sass & Bide, Guess, and even Karl Lagerfeld.

At the Hunter Street branch that I work out a couple of days a week, we carry some insanely beautiful frames and since moving here, I’ve already moved into a new pair of Carter Bond specs that are all kinds of gorgeous.

There are thousands of optical designers out there now who create some almost artistic pieces nowadays and if you go beyond the cheap stuff, you will actually find some totally unique, perfect fitting glasses that speak louder of your personality than even words do.

My staple frames are bigger, darker ones that mumble “nerd chic” under their breath but overall scream, well, “I’m cool af”.

(Me in my Ellery specs!)

Oroton, Ellery, Carter Bond, and more recently Anne & Valentin from Toulouse are my go-to designers when it comes to optical glasses at the moment. While these brands couldn’t be more different from each other, they all bring a chic charm to the table that could make anyone look rad.

While my usual rule with glasses is bigger the better, it seems like smaller, thinner frames are actually making a comeback. I’m talking nose pads and Harry Potter-esque looks.

..I’m into it. I’ll be sporting those through winter like a wizarding madwoman.

(I’m talking smaller than THESE. Love these, though. $39 from Specsavers)

So what do you think? Are glasses more of a chore than a statement? Let me know in the comments below!







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